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Monday, October 3, 2011

Life of a Army Wife

Sorry everyone I haven't blogged about my US Army life lately! I have been procrastinating a lot!
      Michael started basic combat training (BCT) July 6th and graduated on September 15th. He was in the 193rd infantry, 2nd battalion 13th infantry, Bravo company, 4th platoon. In the course of that time he was gone, I talked to him a total of two time for a minute and a half each time. I sent him a letter every night telling him about my day and he would send me a letter almost every day telling me what he had been up to. My only survival was his letters and a Facebook page of his 2-13th infantry. The wonderful volunteers on the page would post pictures of the latest drill the soldiers in training (SIT) had done. I saw Michael in 4 pictures out of the 500 they posted, but it still made me happy to see him!
      On September 10th, my sister-in-law, Morgan, and I left North Platte, NE to travel to Columbia, SC. It is a 24 hour drive from here to there! We had lots of fun! One of the places we stopped on the trip was a little town called Shelby, NE so I thought that was pretty awesome! :) September 14th was family day for the soldiers, where the families of the SITs came and the hung out on base with their soldier. I was so excited the morning of family day that I could hardly sleep the night before lol! The only thing I wasn't too happy about on family day was Michael and I couldn't hold hands or hug each other whenever we wanted too when he was in his ACU (which was all the time!). Graduation day was so awesome! Before the SITs walked out to the field where they would the ceremony would take place, they threw green and white smoke grenades! It was pretty cool looking! Right after the graduation, we left the base and went to Bojangles. Michael was so excited to eat fast food again! He was glad to be out of BCT!
      Friday the 16th, we left for Ft Lee, VA  to take him to his advanced individual training (AIT) location, That was a 7 hour drive, but hardly seemed like that long since we were talking the whole time! He was able to get a weekend pass off base so it was really nice to get to relax the whole weekend! Sunday night at 5 I had to take him back to the base to check in. That was a pretty sad night for me! :( I drove from VA back to NE by myself... it was kinda a fun trip! Scary at time, but fun! I only got lost once the whole trip!
      Michael's AIT has two locations: Ft Lee, Va and Eglin AFB, FL. He started his AIT classes Tuesday the 27th and will be in Ft Lee for 8 to 9 weeks. I won't be able to move with him until he goes to Eglin, so I have been dissappoionted about that the last 2 weeks. He gets to have his cell phone everyday after his classes, that has been a lifesaver for both of us!
      Well that is all for now! I will definately keep you updated on how things are going for both of us!

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