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Monday, July 11, 2011

Canary List Book Review

When false accusations rip apart the life of school teacher Crockett Gray, his only hope of redemption and of reclaiming his son is finding out who has targeted one of his elementary students, twelve-year-old Jaimie Gregg, for death. But the truth behind her gift and her abandonment as a baby is a secret that lies at the heart of centuries-old witchcraft conspiracy hidden within the Vatican - a secret on the verge of destroying Christianity for believers all across the world. 
My Review
Twelve year old Jaimie only has one person she can go to with her problems, her teacher. She can see things that are dark, and she runs from them. Crockett, Mr G. as Jaimie calls him, only has one thing on his mind, to spend the anniversary of his daughter's death by himself and by doing so getting himself drunk. Events that happen sends Crockett's and Jaimie's life into carnage. To get his life back, Crockett has to find out about Jaimie's life.
This book is a suspenseful fast paced fiction. This book is a sequel to "The Vatican". Sigmund Brouwer is an exceptional writer and I would recommend any of his books to anyone that loves Christian fiction.

I received a paperback copy of “The Canary List” from WaterBrook Multnomah publishing in exchange for my review.

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